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Financial Security Management and VDI implementation

Financial Security Management (FSM) is Financial Management Firm located in Denver Colorado. CRSYS was contacted to help create a solution for IT headaches they were experiencing. 

After listening to them and working to create a holistic information technology plan we found that a key portion of their issue was in providing equipment and resources for about 15 employees. FSM had to roll out software and Operating system updates and upgrades. FSM was paying $2,000 to $2,500 for new machines for employees, they were struggling to manage security and software updates, and their data back up was a very time consuming process. Every night for 3-8 hours back ups would be created of the data only on the servers, during this time no data was accessible and no work could be done. This became a big problem during the peak of tax season. 

CRSYS helped them create a plan to implement over a number of months in order to distribute costs.  Both the servers and desktops were virtualized on a VMware environment. Employees replaced their expensive desktops with thin clients that cost 90% less. 

Now employees have consistent and easy to manage software, operating systems, security updates, and easily access shared data. New employees can be set up with a equipment in minutes. Back ups that used to take hours on only the servers are now done constantly through out the day without interruption of work, even more the backups are performed on desktops also so no data is lost. Using offsite data hosting, FMS also has a disaster recovery plan in place should the need arise. Employees are also able to work remotely in a secure environment that feels just like being at the office.  Finally,  FSM has a senior CRSYS consultant to contact if any issues arise. 

If any of these results are could add value to your company and you're looking for a partner to help you reach your goals then let us know today. 

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